Emme’s Brigadeiro is an artisan confectionary company based in Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle, WA. We specialize in making small-batch brigadeiro [Bree-gah-day-ro] - rich, bite-sized candy truffle popular throughout Brazil. Chief Brigadeiro Maker & Owner, Emme Collins, has been making these luscious treats since she was a tiny tot with her mom in their Brazilian kitchen.  

Our brigadeiro is slowly cooked to the perfect velvety consistency, then hand rolled into a bite-sized round shape and hand-dipped in a variety of coatings. We feature traditional brigadeiro, as well as a handful of other delectable flavor creations. 

Our mission at Emme’s Brigadeiro is to use ingredients grown and produced close to home as often as possible. We focus on utilizing fresh, local sourced ingredients to achieve the highest quality. We pride ourselves on following traditional Brazilian recipes passed down from previous generations. We want our unique and distinctive Brazilian flavors to brighten up your homes!